Creating the Perfect Bookcase

bookcasesIf you are a book lover, you may have books that you read scattered randomly around the house. You may also have a favorite author and try to collect all the books that you can that are written by them. Instead of displaying your love of books in random areas around your home, why not put them on a display that is as special as they are? Creating the perfect bookcase is easy to do and finding the design that you want can be a lot of fun.

The Perfect Bookcase

When we think of bookcases, usually we picture squared of edges and rectangle spaces for the books to sit. Most of them are deep enough to store paperbacked books two or three deep. They may start off life in our homes as book shelves that are serviceable, but over time they may all end up looking like a disorganized mess. This isn’t what they are supposed to become and you have the option to go creative if you are able to follow instructions and are willing to take on a DIY project. Instead of going to the store and buying a bookshelf kit, you could check out books on how to create unique bookcases. There are a lot of them available that cover basic topics regarding woodworking or books such as “How to Build Bookcases & Bookshelves” which are topic specific.

Free Your Creativity

Kids bookcasesIf you have a child who loves books as much as you do, you can create a space for their books as well. There are a lot of great ideas on creating a kid-friendly bookcase or bookshelf in both books and on the computer. Wouldn’t your child’s Dr. Seuss books look great on a custom-built bookcase that has very few straight lines? If you can imagine it, it can become a reality and chances are good, there is a blueprint of it somewhere that talks about the tools you will need to be able to get it looking perfect.

The Best Tools for Building a Bookcase

read bookshelfThe most obvious stuff you will need when building your bookcase is wood, hammers, saws, and nails, or screws and a drill if you prefer. You will also want to have a measuring tape to help you ensure that everything is the right size. Wood glue to help it stay together, even when it is loaded with books, is also a good idea. You may also want to treat your wood with fiberglass resin and cloth to ensure that it stays strong and looks amazing. Epoxy makes wood virtually impenetrable, so this is especially useful in kid’s rooms where accidents may happen. However, you must remember that it will have to be done before you put the bookcase together. If your idea of the perfect shelf has cut outs or a lot of pretty trim work, a jig saw may be required along with the circular saw. If you have a lot of tools on hand, a stud finder and a level may also be a great idea so that you will end up with a great bookcase for many years to come.