Books & Libraries Depend on The People

big libraryLibraries are important to a community. What many people do not realize is that they are considered a public service. Many libraries are run by people of the community that are there as volunteers. They may not get paid because most libraries do not have enough financial backing to ensure that everyone is paid for their time. They offer a lot of features that many people may not have access to without it and whether you realize it or not, books and libraries depend on the people to help them continue to exist.

The Libraries You Love

libraryThink about what your local library gives to the community. They allow people to use computers and tablets, they give kids a place to listen to stories with other kids, many provide audio books and quiet areas to listen. Best of all their services, they allow people to check out books without charging them the price of purchasing a book. Considering the price of books, this is a wonderful thing for people who love to read. The only time that you will be charged is if you keep the book longer than the allowed time and often, this fee is just a small one.

The Library Loves You

library volunteerLibraries need people to support them so that they can continue to grow and provide more for the community. They function best with a little help. You can do this with direct donations or through attending book sales as they happen. With money, they can add more books, computers, tablets, and other things when they have a community that supports them. However, most of the time, the easiest way for libraries to get what they need is by using the resources that tax dollars provide them with. The tax dollars given to them with help from the tax collector Citrus County, allows them to provide more.

You and the Library Can Work Together

Without money from taxes, most libraries would not exist. The people of most communities no longer visit them on a regular basis and they do not provide money for them. This means that in many counties the library cannot provide more for the people who do visit. They may not be able to hire someone to come in and do story time with the kids during the summer months unless they can find a kind soul to volunteer for it. They may not be able to bring in live animals from a zoo for an animal show. Without money, they may not be able to stay open throughout the full week. This makes them less accessible to people who may need to use them for studies or job applications and other things.

You and the library can work together to make things better for everyone in Citrus County. With your help and the fact that you put tax dollars to work, the library in your community will not cease to exist. It will continue to be there and open to the people who may depend on the services that it provides. Can you think of anything better to do with a few dollars out of your pocket?