Fall Pub Dates Set

This fall, there are a lot of publication dates set. They are highly anticipated and by a lot of well-known, well-loved authors. These books are on a lot of must read lists and fans are waiting patiently to see what delights will be coming their way.

Releases Coming Soon

The book releases include titles like Trial in Fire, Eternal, and Mortal Heart. There is also the story Falling Into Place and Winter Falls, which is part of a trilogy that is highly anticipated by those who love Nicole Maggi books.


Eternal is a book by C.C. Hunter. It is a science fiction novel about a woman with secret powers. It combines her powers with vampires and much more. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on it to see if it as good as I believe it will be.

Mortal Heart

Mortal Heart is part 3 of a trilogy by Robin LaFevers. It is a book that fans have been waiting patiently on, and most are ready for the release. It will complete the story of the gifted sisters and allows readers to watch as Annith strikes out on her own. I cannot wait to see if she succeeds in whatever she is doing.

Are You Ready to Read?

Which story are you waiting to read? Are you patiently waiting or simply searching for the release date of your favorites? Either way, let me know, so that we can all wait together.