Review: Perfectly Good White Boy

Do you enjoy stories that have no real major catastrophe? Normally, I would say, “No. There has to be a plot and the more exciting the better.” This story is different.

The Story

Perfectly Good White Boy is about a young man who lives in a rental that is not great, has a not very great job, and was recently dumped by his girlfriend. The world created for him is so typical of a young man’s life that it could be an autobiography. The sex that is in the story is very detailed and intimate. His family life is troubled, but his mom is supportive. There is a secret throughout the story that is glimpsed, but not clearly told until the end of it.

Overall, the characters are very well developed. The story is subtle. Even without the major issues, it is still a story that is well worth reading. I highly recommend it, even if it doesn’t sound like something that would appeal to you at first.

About the Author

Carrie Mesrobian is also the author of Sex & Violence; which is about a boy who hooks up with the wrong girl and then ends up in the wrong place. After it happens, he takes a trip with his father and finds himself well enough to make sense of his life again. It is a very well done story that touches on a very upsetting topic. If feel you would be impressed with both books.

Other books by Carrie Mesrobian include titles like; Love & Profanity, Cut Both Ways, and Just a Girl.