Pub Date Summer Stories

I am a big fan of beer. I’m not ashamed to admit to it. It is a great way to enjoy a hot summer evening, because nothing is colder. For that reason, this summer I’ve decided to devote myself to combining a good, summery book with my favorite cold ones. There are a lot of great summer books out there to enjoy and there are a variety of beers as well. I’m up for trying new things all the time and therefore, here is my pub date update and my new favorite book review.

Unbreak My Heart

This is the best summer book I’ve found so far. It is a great story about a young woman who accidently falls in love with a forbidden person; her best friend’s man. The girl is then shunned by her friend and suffering on many levels. Then, she ends up going on a summer vacation and on a boat drifting down the river. She finds new love and discovers more than she ever dreamed possible about herself and her family. It is a touching story that ties in really well with my summer theme reading idea.

The Summer After You and Me

This is also a great book for hot summer nights. It is set on the Jersey Shore and a young girl who lives there is trying to avoid falling for any of the summer tourists that come along. However, she has this neighbor whose family comes in every summer and she wishes for their friendship to become more than friendly. Love comes their way and then a summer storm rips them apart. What happens after summer? You must read it if you want to find out.

The Summer House

Imagine living your life with one man while being completely in love with another. That is the main idea beyond this summer romance. It is a story of tragedy and loneliness. She is trapped by her family’s plans for her and must deal with the painful memories of what was. It is a truly beautiful story and the characters are very believable to me.