NYC Teen Author Festival

The teen author festival is held each year in New York City. It is an exciting thing where young people from all walks of life can get together and talk about their love of books. It is interesting and enables those who love writing books a chance to learn and discuss what they enjoy the most.

Schedule of Events

It is a day of enjoyable things to explore. It begins at 9:30am with the doors opening. After that there are several panel sessions and a signing session for those who are there. Young authors can share their creations and laugh with people who share their interests.

The Creations of Young Minds

There are several book topics and subjects available. Teens explore their love of romance by writing about it, but there are also teens that explore a darker side of life. There are stories about bullying and other things that our teens deal with on a daily basis. There are grown authors who also attend and contribute. They tell stories and give inspiration to the teens who are there.

The Truth Revealed

This program is all about constructive criticism. The students will get hints and advice, criticism that is helpful instead of hurtful. It is inspirational to see how everything comes together and I encourage you to attend if you are in the area. It is a yearly event that lasts one full week every March. There are book signings and book readings also during this time if you attend the larger event.