Review: Starstruck

Starstruck is about a nerdy girl who loves astronomy. The cover of the book is almost as great as the story within it. I truly love how the attention of someone special changes her life for the better.


Orphaned Marsha isn’t anything special. She is raised by an aunt who is very strict on her and Marsha doesn’t really fit in. She is ready to leave her small town and make a mark on the world. Until the handsome quarterback of her school’s team decides to befriend her. It is magical and suddenly, strange things begin to happen for Marsha. Her teenage acne clears, her glasses are no longer necessary, and sparks fly when the quarterback touches her.

Marsha’s boring life is no longer there. However, it is not necessarily a good thing. All the changes come at a price and soon she is facing perils that were beyond her imagination before. If you love a little sci-fiction and a lot of romantic stuff, you will most likely enjoy this story. It is magical and proves that anyone can have their head in the stars.

Brenda Hiatt

Brenda Hiatt is an author who reaches into the unknown. Starstruck is a part of a series and includes Starcrossed and Starbound. Gallant Scoundrel is another book written by this wonderful author, as is Scandalous Virtue. All of her books are well worth reading according to her devoted fans and I am right there with them. I love the fantasy that she creates and cannot help but fall for each of the characters she creates.