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I LOVE New Year’s resolutions. I know it’s totally arbitrary, but I’m a big fan of goal setting to begin with and I love taking time at the beginning of a new calendar year to evaluate where I am and where I want to go.

Since I didn’t have this blog at the beginning of 2013 I couldn’t share my resolutions, but I did make them. I wanted to stop binging on food (I am an awful sweets binger) (I’ll give myself 75% credit for this one), save money (80% credit, sadly I don’t have much to show for it since I’ve had to spend all my saved money on school), workout 4-5 times/week (100%), and get less annoyed at stupid strangers (I actually think I did really well this this, but moving away from NYC might have more to do with that).

This is a book blog so I’ve split my resolutions into bookish related things and non-bookish things.

1. Read Fewer Books: Aim for around 150 with no pressure to read more or less. I read 222 books in 2013. That number makes me want to vomit. Yes, I moved away from NYC and my friends so my social life kind of sucked and I read a lot instead, but still. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything: I’m doing well in school, I workout, I do social things when I can, but I still feel like I need to dial back the reading a bit.

2. Read One Non-Fiction Book Each Month: I used to read mostly non-fiction, but then I got tired of it. My theory is that when I was working at a job that required pretty much zero effort or brain power that I liked reading something that provided some kind of education. Now that I’m back in school and getting plenty of education I like reading fiction and escaping from serious stuff. I’d especially like to focus on food and nutrition-related books since that should help me in school and my future career.

3. Pick a Few Backlist Books to Read Each Month: For much of 2013 I felt like there were so many new books coming out I never had time to get to older ones that had been on my TBR list for a while. Things have slowed down in December and January and it’s been nice to make choices to go back and read older books. I don’t want to lose this so I’m going to, maybe in my end of the month posts, pick a few backlist books that I want to read the following month.

4. Read More Mindfully: There were certain books that I read in 2013 that I just shouldn’t have read. I don’t know why I decided to pick them up, but even before reading them I probably knew that they weren’t a story I would enjoy or as high a quality book as I wanted to read. For 2014 I want to pay more attention to whether a book is really for me and whether it’s written by a quality author.

5. Keep Blogging Fun: I know lots of bloggers talk about the pressure of blogging, but I don’t really feel any pressure about blogging. I had zero expectations when I started this blog, I love reading and writing reviews, and the interaction with people and friendships that have come from this blog are just total bonuses in my mind. That said, I do sometimes worry that I will eventually feel the pressure of blogging. Which is ridiculous, but true. I just want to read and review what I want and be as honest as possible.

6. Eat More Mindfully: Most people want to lost weight, right? I’ve wanted to lose weight for years and sometimes I have and sometimes I haven’t. I’m a healthy person: my blood pressure is great, my HDL levels are high and my LDL levels are low, and my blood sugar is good. But, and I have no problem admitting this, I’m chubby. I said it above, but I tend to binge on sweets and I’m also a big snacker. I like to think that I’m lucky because I already workout 4-5 times/week (I am the embodiment of the saying that you can’t out exercise a bad diet) and the three meals I eat a day are generally really healthy. I just need to cut back on the mindless eating I do.

7. Do a One-Handed Push-Up: This is something I never imagined I could do, but in a bootcamp class this fall I was killing push-ups with one hand on the floor and one hand on the Bosu and the instructor said if I found those pretty easy that I’m probably not that far away from being able to do a one-handed push-up, which, let’s not lie, would be totally baller. In fact, if I meet this goal I will probably go around doing one-handed push-ups for everyone I meet. Anyway, she showed me a way to build up to the one-handed push-up and I worked on it for a while, but stopped so I’m going to make an effort this year to really do it.

8. Learn to Knit Socks: Two years ago I put learn to knit a sweater on my New Year’s resolutions, but then I hurt my wrist and spent 3 months in a brace and several more months rehabilitating from surgery and was never able to do it. But in 2013 I took a class and knit a sweater for my friend’s baby and knit myself three-quarters of a sweater (the sleeves are really annoying to do and I just haven’t finished). But 2014 will be the year of sock knitting!

9. Move More Mindfully: For the five and a half years that I lived in NYC I was so spoiled. I pretty much walked 3+ miles a day in addition to working out, I climbed up and down stairs constantly, and I feel like I never stopped moving. Now, living in the suburbs, I feel like I never move. Places I can walk from my house: post office, deli, pizza place, Chinese place, train station, dry cleaners, and liquor store. Those aren’t places I go very often (and I don’t want to start buying more Chinese food and liquor). I don’t quite know how I want to do this one (park far away? take the dogs for more walks? go on random walks around the neighborhood?), but I know I want to move more as part of my daily life.

10. Stop Procrastinating: I never used to be a procrastinator, but somehow, this year, I’ve become one. I think it’s because I’m generally really stressed about school and grad school and I spend a lot of time in denial about it and avoiding it. Which isn’t good for my mental health. Must stop this.

What are your resolutions/goals for 2014? Any advice for me about mine?

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  1. Great list! I used to do resolutions a lot more a few years ago and I remember every year I say I’ll stop procrastinating but I dunno what happens after that, lol. I suppose that resolution is always there, at the back of my mind :)

    I supposed I should’ve added it to one of my points in this week’s list but I’ve been thinking of scaling back as well on my reading. I don’t know why I feel this pressure to always read more…But I decided not to fill out the reading progress/resolution on GR this year or participate in the 50 Book Pledge, just so that I can ignore the numbers a bit more ;)

    My TTT
    Lianne @ recently posted…Meme: Top Ten TuesdaysMy Profile

  2. Wow, I’m really impressed with your follow-through! I love goal-setting, but I have a really hard time with goal-reaching. My motivation always fizzes within the first week of trying to attain a goal. Just too much pressure, you know? My only reading goal this year is to read 200 books. If I make it, yay; if not, not big deal.

    Good luck with all your goals!

    • I think my secret to success is setting smaller goals that I know I’m likely to be able to do and going in with a plan. I also really expect it to take me a year and don’t mind waiting. I started this mind set a few years ago and it hasn’t been easy, but I’ve made some good changes.

  3. I think yours is the first blog that I have been on that has a resolution of reading less books! Most people want to read more! I get exactly what you mean though. When I came back from uni I kind of retracted into my shell and spent all summer reading. I knew it was bad when the only news I had to talk about round the dinner table was whatever my characters had done that day!
    My TBR list is full of backlisted books that I really want and need to read! Part of my resolutions are to read the classics.
    Great list, good luck with them! :)
    Hannah @ Broc’s Bookcase recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Resolutions of 2014My Profile

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one tempted to talk about my book characters at dinner. Sometimes I feel like they’re the only interesting part of my day!

  4. Love your resolutions, they’re all very thoughtful. Remembering to keep blogging fun definitely twigged with me – I started my blog in October with zero expectations, wanting to read books and write out my thoughts on them. I’ve noticed a shift in my thinking lately to less fun aspects of blogging, to focus on more… traditional?… markers of blog success. Bad Chelsea! Bad!

    Also, I definitely think that if you can do a one-armed push-up, you need to show it off for everyone you meet. I want anyone I know who can do a one-armed push-up to show me, because that is *very* badass.
    Chelsea recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – 2014 ResolutionsMy Profile

  5. 222 books is pretty insane! I think I would need to quit my job and probably stop watching any TV get to near that many. It would be nice to lesson the TBR tour of books that takes up the free space in my office.

    I want to read more non-fiction also. I am a news junkie and very political, so there is always something new and interesting to learn.
    Dina recently posted…New Releases For The Week Of January 5, 2014My Profile

    • I think the way I managed to read so many books was not watching TV. I was never a mindless TV watcher, but I probably watched 10-15 shows/week and now I watch no TV. Which isn’t necessarily bad, but I don’t know, I kind of miss TV.

  6. I love how your goal for the year is to read less, where the majority of others is to read more. I think reading over 200 books in a year is pretty fantastic! I would love to someday make it to 100. You have some awesome goals and I liked reading them over and thinking about my own goals. I am sure you are going to do great with them all.

    Good luck!

    ~Sara @ Just Another Story
    Sara @ Just Another Story recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- Bookish ResolutionsMy Profile

    • Thanks! I haven’t seen anyone else say read less either, it’s a weird goal for a book blogger, but I feel like I need to read less this year for my own sanity.

  7. You can knit socks as you walk to the post office + hang out reading backlist books? That works, right? Oh wait… can you read and knit at the same time?? Hm. :) I love these goals and I bet you are the only person who said “read less.” I saw some numbers at the end of the year, where people were reading almost a book a day and I’m like how did you even remember to take a shower? I just can’t super obsess with something like that so that’s why I always choose a very very small goal. I’m hoping to spend more time crafting this year, and who knows what else!

    Can’t wait to see the socks you knit for me. I like the color yellow ;) Good luck my dear!
    Estelle recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Let’s Talk 2014 ResolutionsMy Profile

    • I can read and knit! As long as it’s a pretty basic knitting pattern and I’m either reading an ebook or a physical book that will lay flat.

      I’ll knit you some yellow socks and you can make me a mysterious craft project :)

  8. Fab list, Maggie! I’m with you on so many of these things, like reading back-list books. Whatever happened to those books I HAD to buy in the heat of the moment…then never read? Oh yeah, they’re STILL on my shelf, giving me big puppy dog eyes.

    Also YES to reading mindfully. I really need to start trusting my instincts and making myself take a closer look at what I decide to read. If I have a strong sense I won’t like it / didn’t like what else the author wrote, I need to take a hard look at what I’m adding to my TBR. Also stop adding things JUST because the cover is so gorgeous.

    AND. The goal to do a one-handed push up is AWESOME. You can totally do it!
    Molli recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – #55: 2014 ResolutionsMy Profile

  9. I like your resolution to move more mindfully. I have two little kids and usually work from home. Most days, the farthest I go is to the bus stop and back. I love when people make fitness goals that are productive, but feasible!

    Good luck with meeting your goals!
    Lindsey recently posted…Goals for 2014My Profile

    • Oops, I never replied to you, sorry! I really liked Bittersweet! It got kind of long towards the end, but it’s really good. My review is up today!

  10. I love your goals! I admire that you want to read fewer books, because I think we all know how reading can become an obsession! I also loved your bit on getting “less annoyed at stupid strangers”, cause I totally have this problem… :) Good luck on your goals this year!

  11. I really love your resolution to read one non-fiction book per month because it’s one of my goals for the year, too! I’ve found that I tend to buy non-fiction at a much faster rate than I read it. While I tend to gravitate toward more history or biography non-fiction, it’s taken a backseat in my reading choices since I started blogging. I think it’s partly because it usually takes me longer to read them because I rarely just binge-read the whole book like I do with fiction.

    I also like that you want to read more backlist books. While my goal is more about focusing on books I own, that really encompasses backlist titles since that’s what many of them are right now. And oh goodness, I’m so with you on reading more mindfully. I look back at some of the books I read last year, and it just baffles my why I a) picked them up or b) continued reading them. There are too many great books out there to be spending time with books that I don’t really have a strong desire to read.
    Hannah @ So Obsessed With recently posted…Stories Are My RefugeMy Profile

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