Review: Lovestruck Summer

Summertime always means that adventures are around every turn. The fact that you are growing up and interested in boys, does not change that idea. For that reason, most people will love the story Lovestruck Summer as much as I did.

About the Book

Quinn is a girl who is excited about the potential that summer has to offer. She is a rock loving girl who is in Texas on a music internship. Her goals are simple. She wants lazy days and the opportunity to meet some of Texas’ hottest musicians. Life doesn’t always go as planned. Instead of hot musicians, she ends up spending time with Party Penny, her cousin. It is not how Quinn planned it out, but things do turn out well when she meets up with a great looking DJ and an All-American cutie. Two men, one who has everything she wants and the other who she feels drawn to for reasons she cannot fathom.

It is a story of being torn between two worlds. Two great looking guys who she cannot get enough of. I liked reading the controversy that Quinn feels. The inner turmoil of wanting two separate men. Which one does she choose? I’ll never give it away.

About the Author

This book was written by Melissa Walker. Many of her other books have received high ratings from both reviews and fans. They include Dust to Dust and Ashes to Ashes as well as titles like, “Lets Pretend We Never Met”, “Unbreak My Heart”, and “Small Town Sinners”. All of which I have read and loved. Perhaps you will as well.