Review: My Best Friend, Maybe

 This Wednesday’s story is, “My Best Friend, Maybe” by Caela Carter. It is the story of a young girl who misses her best friend and she gets the chance to reunite. Are some things better left alone or not? Why wait to find out?


Years ago, Colette’s best friend suddenly ended their long-time friendship. Colette has tried to move on and find new friends, but none quite measured up. Therefore, she is shocked when her old friend offers her the vacation of a lifetime on the Greek Islands. It isn’t an invite, it is an “I need you to go with me” situation. Putting negative thoughts aside about how much her friend hurt her, Colette agrees to go along. Then, she starts to discover the secret of why she was invited along. It is a secret that her friend has kept for years and could be the best thing to have ever happened to Colette.

Suspense and childhood joy are all over this book. That is why I think that it is well worth reading. The story is set in a beautiful area and you can truly picture it in your mind. What more could you hope for?

About the Author

Caela Carter outdoes herself with this story, but it is sure to make some people a  fan for life. You can also enjoy reading My Life with the Liars and another delightful book called Me, Him, Them, and It in which a young girl decides to ditch the good girl image that her parents want her to maintain. The downside is that it does cost her more than she wanted it to.