Palace of Spies

Some people love book series and others try to avoid them. If you are a person who loves them as much as I do, you will be happy you found Palace of Spies. It is the first in a series that is going to leave you begging for more.

Synopsis of Palace of Spies

This is a story about Peggy, a sixteen-year-old orphan. She is talked into posing as a lady in waiting at King George I’s Palace. Her life is grand until she begins to think that the girl she is replacing may have been murdered. The concern grows that she may be next if she cannot figure out what happened. The problem is; it is a court of shadows and secrecy. You never know who may be a spy. It could even be the young man at court who has stolen her heart. Is he dangerous to her life or simply to her heart?

This story is packed with mystery. It is rich with history. It is well worth giving a second look and I personally cannot wait to read more of this outstanding story. I loved the story. I loved Peggy and I cannot wait to see what comes next for her.

About the Author

Sarah Zettel has numerous stories under her belt. They are all rich with mystery and history; just the way that I love it. Other popular titles include, Playing God, a Camelot series, Dust girl, and many more. All of them promise to be a good story line with well-developed characters that will leave you wishing for more. That is why Sarah Zettel has so many fans who cannot wait for future books to be released.