Review: Until It Hurts to Stop

Bullying is a problem for many young kids and this delightful book faces it head on. It is about Maggie Camden and the battles she faced as a young girl being teased constantly. It is something that haunts her even several years later and a definite “must read” for anyone who wants to see inside a tortured mind.

The Story

The hurt from bullying never goes away for Maggie. Even after the girl that tortured her the most went away, she still struggles with the resulting fear of further attacks. The only time she is completely comfortable in her own skin is when she is hiking with her best friend; a boy named Nick.

They complicate things by developing feelings that Maggie isn’t sure about. There is tension between them and she feels as though Nick could never love her. She has been told for years that she is ugly and unworthy. Can she trust in him? Especially when the girl who teased her most, just came back to town. It is a page turner from start to finish. Most people will feel badly for Maggie and want her to embrace the fact that she can be happy.

Author Information

Jennifer Hubbard is the author of this story, plus many more. They include popular titles like; Try Not to Breathe” and “The Secret Year”.  Many of her books focus on a tragedy of sorts. They have both male and female main characters, but she also writes informational books that cover a variety of topics. Either way, she is an author that you will want to take notice of.