Book Review: Rules of Summer

If you are looking for a great summer story to enjoy, you may want to consider reading the Rules of Summer. It is a great story about a girl named Rory who enters into the world of the East Hamptons and finds more than she ever bargained for.

The Story

Imagine being seventeen and an errand girl for an upper-class family. For a summer, she gets to enjoy mingling with them while at their beachfront mansion. She is warned to not socialize with the “Rules” while she is there by other staff members, but it becomes an impossible task considering that they have a daughter her age, Isabel Rule.

Isabel is being held back and sheltered by her family and friends. Then she meets a boy that her parents would never approve of and she takes Rory along on their adventures. Rory also meets a boy and falls in love, but hidden secrets soon jeopardize it all.

About the Author

Joanna Philbin has written several books that were highly rated by her readers. They are very well written and the characters are well written. You can feel what they are feeling whether it is love, confusion, or sadness. They include titles such as Since Last Summer, Rules of Summer, Strawberry Summer, and Blueberry Summer. There are also many others for you to consider. These books are available in other languages to ensure that you can enjoy reading them. Most all of the stories focus on the younger woman, romance, and other things that they have to deal with. What more could you hope for with a summer romance?