Worst Book Covers

Everyone knows that a book cover is an important part of what makes a person want to read that book. I have already mentioned what I think looks great and a few of my most favorite covers. As a way to entertain myself, and hopefully you, I have decided to focus more on what makes a cover unappealing.

Real People/Crazy Background

Instead of making this into two separate topics, I am including it in one. The idea of real people on the cover is not all bad. It doesn’t work for some people, but I feel that it has potential to be great. It simply has to be done right. However, if you are looking at real people and the background looks completely crazy; you should have tried something else. One example of this is, “Where She Went”. There is a single female with a blurry background. Her face is unappealing and it does not give any clue as to what the book is about.

It Doesn’t Speak to Me

The book, “The Voice” sounds like either something from a horror film or something that is empowering. The woman on the cover appears to be terrified, but she is standing in front of a broke down shack. As you read the book, if you get that far, you find that it is about her life after being kidnapped. Shouldn’t the cover give more of a hint about that? It is her retelling of the events, not what it is at that moment.

Match the Photo to the Person

If I am reading a book about some drop dead gorgeous man with blond hair and blue eyes, then I would expect the person on the cover of the book to match my perception of him. He will be the man that I picture in my mind when I am reading. Through the Ever Night is a great book about a man with blond hair, but the man on the cover is dark haired. This doesn’t match with my mental image of him and in my opinion, ruins the fantasy behind it. The same thing can be said for female characters. They should match up with the character.

No Meaning At All

Some book covers have nothing that ties in with the story. It may be a story about a ship but have a family on the cover. I cannot tell you how frustrating that is to me. Would you be disappointed by that? Or virtually no photo at all?