Waiting on Wednesday Rose Under Fire

Waiting on Wednesday is fun way to anticipate the week ahead. It is for book lovers of all types and you simply strive to read books between one Wednesday and the next. At the end of the week, you talk about your favorites and what you enjoyed most about reading them. This is something that I enjoy doing and encourage all of my readers to do as well. It is nice to escape reality and focus on a good book.

My Last Week

This past week, I enjoyed the book, “Rose Under Fire” by Elizabeth Wein. It was a great book that tells the story of Rose, who is captured by Nazis. She is then sent to one of the most famous concentration camps for women. However, she finds hope while she is there. It is a true test of her bravery and she befriends other women within the camp. However, you have to wonder about whether she will really survive. I like it because Rose is a very powerful woman and she is determined to do the best with the hands that have been dealt to her. I cannot tell you much more than that, because I do not want to mess it up for you if you choose to read it.

Give It a Try

The stories about Nazi camps has been done many times. However, most all of them are good to read. This book is at the top of my must-read list for others because of the main character. Rose has all of the strength that would have been required of a woman in that situation. She is very believable, the setting feels realistic, and it is just an overall great book to sit down with.

About the Author

Elizabeth Wein is the author of the best seller Code Name Verity. It was a WWII thriller that everyone enjoyed reading. I encourage you to read this one if you loved it.