Books Dealing With Tough Subjects

Have you ever taken the time to notice the books that are out there, meant for slight entertainment, but also that discuss topics that none of us really want to think about? Recently, I decided to read a few of them. They talk about everything from mental illnesses to child abuse. They talk about rape and other things that go on every day, but no one wants to really talk about them. These are stories that can touch a person deeply. They can heal a wounded soul or make you really think about the way things are in our society today.

The Sky is Everywhere

This is a story that can truly touch the grieving soul. It is a book about losing someone you love and I suggest that you have the tissues ready when you begin to read it. The characters are well defined and the story will touch you in ways that you may not expect from a book.

Mother At Seven

This is a very hard story to read. It is about a little girl who is subjected to horrible abuse at the hands of her family. The story is true, the anguish is real, and her hopes of a happier time coming is truly inspirational.

Something Like Normal

What exactly is normal? We each have our own version of what it is and what it can be. This book talks openly about a man who is suffering from PTSD. He has a new form of normal and has to adjust and heal from what has gone on in his life.

A Life Half Lived

How does a boy go from having it all to a tragic car accident? It happens often because of bad mistakes. The main character of this story takes a wrong turn that ends with drugs and a devastating accident that takes his life at a young age. It is the story of how it all happened and the pain that he left behind for his family.