My Favorite Books

We all have favorite books. With so many out there to read and enjoy, it is often hard to decide on a select few to say is the best you have read in recent times. Perhaps you have a favorite author or just a select few books that you feel great about reading. Either way, if you are anything like me; you will be happy you spent your time escaping from reality. Here are my most favorites. They are books that once I began reading, I didn’t want to put down for one reason or another.

The Goldfinch

This is a story about Theo, a boy who was abandoned by his father and who survives an accident that kills his mom. He is lost and confused, living with a wealthy family on Park Avenue. It tracks his life into adulthood where he is alienated and in love. However, he is also part of a dangerous circle that may change everything for him. The books is written by Donna Tartt and it is the winner of the Pulitzer Prize.

Life After Life

What if you could die repeatedly, but never die completely? That is the story written by Kate Atkinson. It is a story about Ursula Todd and how she must live over and over again until everything goes right for her. She dies repeatedly, even as a newborn when she is born without ever taking a breath and then reborn where she lets out a mighty wail. As she grows into womanhood, she ends up dying repeatedly, always to get a second chance. It is a strange story that is intriguing, to say the least.

The Husband’s Secret

Liane Moriarty tells the story of all the secrets that husbands and wives keep from one another. However, it is a secret that involves three women who live very different lives and a letter that will change everything. It is a true Pandora’s Box type story. It takes those three women and connects them in unexpected ways.

A Promise Kept

Robin Lee Hatcher tells the story of Allison, a woman who has faith that God will make things better in her marriage. It was a promise that she believed would be kept. Is it? She visits a cabin left to her by her aunt to find out and understand how God works in the most mysterious ways.