Reading is always a joy. I cannot help it. I get involved with the characters and the story line to the point that it is hard for me to put it down. If it is an exceptionally good book, then I am likely to skip going to bed at night. I constantly say I’m going to read just a couple more pages and then two hours later; I’m still turning the pages.

The Books I Love

reading joyI tend to read books on a certain theme and change it up every now and then. Meaning I’ll focus one month on romance novels, a month on the classics, a month or so on the horror stories, then sci-fi and fantasy. My favorite authors are also on my list and typically I’ll read them even if I’m not reading that theme at that moment.

Luckily, I have a lot of favorites to choose from. My most favorite stories are those that make me chuckle a little and those that delve really deep into the character’s personality. I love it when the characters are well developed individuals.

My Favorites

classic novelsWhen I was much younger, I’d always have a book in my backpack. I read mostly romance during that time. A favorite was those harlequin romance, but I also loved Judy Bloom, “Forever” to be exact. I read that at least 100 times. Yes, I was kind of pathetic.

Other older books that I love include anything by Janet Evonovich or Sandra Brown. Dean Koontz is another one that is great as is Nicholas Sparks. I personally say, movies are great, but if you are only watching movies instead of reading books by Sparks, you are missing out!

Newer books that I’ve read recently and enjoyed was The Bollywood Bride. The main character is truly something to enjoy. I found myself only wanting the best for her from the start of the story onward.

Happy Reading

I am sure I’m not the only obsessive reader out there. If you have a book that you love, please share it with me. If I haven’t read it yet, I will gladly do so in the near future. I am always looking for exciting things to read.

Wheels on the Bus

Wheels on the BusHave you ever noticed how many parents, television shows, and preschool teachers sing or say nursery rhymes to their toddlers? Most often, these rhymes are short, fun poems or stories that most babies quiet down to and toddlers love to hear. What’s not to love about them? Why are they such a great thing for toddlers? To give you an idea of what is so great about them, you need only to look at the top nursery books for babies.

What Is the Point of Nursery Rhymes?

Singing with BabyThe main reason educators enjoy it when toddlers learn rhymes is simply because it helps them to learn. A baby who is exposed to rhymes early in their life will learn to speak our language easier. They will pick up on unique letter sounds and syllables. By learning these things, they will not only talk better, but when it is time for them to learn to read, they will be able to read easier. If you look beyond the potential for learning to read; toddlers can learn to count through nursery rhymes, learn animal sounds, rhyming words, and much more.

What Are Popular Rhymes?

Many parents sing to their infant and their toddler without even realizing that they are singing a nursery rhyme. One very popular rhyme is, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. It has rhyming words and it is very soothing for most small children. The Wheels on the Bus can be sung along with dance moves to make it more fun for kids and Old McDonald Had a Farm teaches animal sounds and a few vowels. Other nursery rhymes may not rhyme, but they can still teach days of the week or months of the year. There are even counting songs that can help babies learn to count up to five or ten.

Do They Help with Memory?

Bo PeepThese fun little songs are able to help improve a young child’s memory. This is proven by the fact that many toddlers are able to sing them, even without help or having a full ability to say the words, from an early age if they are exposed to them as babies. You can also see proof of it if you look for words that rhyme with week or other challenging words and then have your little one begins to remember what type of words complete a rhyme. For instance, hat and bat or hug and mug. These simple songs and short poems are all designed to delight small children, but do not be surprised if your kindergartner is still happy to sing them. Many elementary schools continue to share nursery rhymes and songs throughout the first year or two of school.

When you delight a child with silly songs, you are giving them a great start on the important things that they need to learn. Therefore, if you, like many other parents and caregivers, are interested in giving your baby a head start, you should search out books with nursery rhymes for babies. What have you or your little one got to lose?

Reading for me is an escape. A way to forget everything and be present with what I am reading. It is mentally stimulating and helps to clear my thoughts after a busy day. Here is my collection of thoughts on the books that I have have experienced so far.